About our headphones

We use the highest quality professional headphones  built to recording studio specifications for frequency response and extreme isolation. This is important since our Quantum HarmonicshTM  technology uses specific frequencies to achieve the highest level of brainwave entrainment.

(We do not recommend noise canceling headphones for our programs as they use curcuitry that alters frequencies and stereo phasing.)

Custom wireless Headphone System  with choice of pre-loaded programs

Custom Professional Sound Isolating Headphones

These wireless headphones come pre-loaded with

Relaxation / Meditation / Sleep  /

(We do not recommend noise canceling headphones as they have curcuitry that alters frequncies and stereo phasing.)

Extreme Isolation Headphones

1 pair with 8 foot cable and mini to phono converter plug


plus S & H

Wireless Preloaded Headphones

1 pair with Preloaded SD card installed