Theracoustic DELTA SLEEPTM

Restorative Deep Delta Sleep Program

A one-hour therapy program clinically proven to induce delta-level sleep within minutes.

Delta Sleep is an effective natural sleep aid.  Shown in studies to reduce ‘trouble getting to sleep’ and ‘trouble going back to sleep’ by 80% in just 14 days.  Effective in over 90% of users the first night.

Designed to drive the listener into deep delta sleep through Quantum Harmonics, which uses a unique application of sound frequencies to achieve hemispheric synchronization through brainwave entrainment.   Repeated use of the program builds entrainment and increases the efficacy of the program.

Delta Sleep session is 60-minutes in duration and is delivered through stereo earbuds or sound pillows.  


Session 1: Delta Sleep   (Voice Guided)

Session 2: Delta Sleep  (No Voice Guide)

Digital Download - Individual Sessions


Digital Download


Digital Download

These programs can be listened from  CD's or transfered to your itunes and made into MP3 files for your Ipad, Android tablet or smart phone.

Complete CD Set

Includes all sessions on 4 CD's


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